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When I first started collecting foreign editions it didn't take long for me to discover that Editorial Novaro in Mexico published an enormous amount of DC material translated into Spanish for the Latin American markets.  It almost instantly became my goal to complete several runs from these series.  What I've completed so far is pictured here along with a couple of odds and ends that I gathered along the way.

Showcase #76 & Bat Lash #1 through 7 - Mexico

Batman & Detective Comics:  The Ra's Al Ghul Saga - Mexico

Green Lantern - Mexico (Denny O'Neil & Neal Adams)

Historias da Casa Mal-Assombrada #1 through 4 - Brazil

House of Mystery - Mexico (Neal Adams & Bernie Wrightson covers)

House of Secrets - Mexico (Neal Adams & Bernie Wrightson covers)

Phantom Stranger - Mexico (Neal Adams covers)

Punisher #1 through 5 Mexico

Spectre - Mexico (Neal Adams covers)

Strange Adventures #205 through 216 - Mexico

Warlock #1-12 Editions Heritage - French Canadian

Werewolf By Night - Italy